Fluidra Zodiac Ei2 Series Salt Chlorinator - suits up to 70,000ltr pools

Fluidra Zodiac Ei2 Series Salt Chlorinator - suits up to 70,000ltr pools
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Designed with the gentle art of relaxation in mind, the Ei2 chlorinator is quick and easy to install, operate and maintain giving you more time to perfect your relaxation techniques.
Spend more time enjoying your pool not maintaining it.
Easy to Operate
Setting up a chlorinator can often be a hassle, so we made Ei2 as easy as possible straight out of the box. Ei2 comes preset with summer and winter modes, all you have to do is set the time and select the mode. Or you can override the modes and set your own operation to suit your individual needs. Also features Boost or Low functions to make ongoing use as easy as possible. Should there be any problems, there will be warnings shown on the screen to alert you.
Easy to Maintain
The process of saltwater chlorination is a fascinating and complex subject (too complex to discuss here) but let’s just say that you need some really clever and well constructed materials to make it all work, otherwise you will spend as much time maintaining the product as you will swimming.
The Best in Technology
Zodiac use nothing but the best and we incorporate reverse polarity (self cleaning) technology to keep cell cleaning to a bare minimum. Plus the clear housing makes it easy to see when it needs any attention.
Model No. Ei2 Mid
Pool Coverage  
Maximum Average Pool Size Mid-Size: 70,000L (based on a mild weather climate, please adjust for cooler or hotter climates)
Plumbing Capacity 40mm only
Power Pack dimensions (W×L×H) 285mm × 405mm × 115mm
Min/Max Salt Level 4,000ppm - 10,000ppm
Cell Dimensions (W×L×H) 80mm × 260mm × 120mm
Warranty 2 years on power pack and cell


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